Adventures with Kit

Meet Kit, my Lensball.

This glass ball is something of a travel companion that I started using a couple years ago. It can be very powerful as a foreground subject, capturing and rafracting the surrounding light in many different situations. In my case, I tend to gravitate towards ambient light, often times in front of neon signs or a city skyline when I use it in pictures. The possibilities are endless so long as there is a background to set the stage for light to travel – from source to glass, from glass to sensor. From sensor to disk, and from disk to Instagram. Because this ball is all about the Instagram. It’s all for the likes.

We had some interactive art installations earlier this year, Wndr Museum and Hebru Brantley’s Nevermore Park, that both offered a wide array of photo ops for a ball such as she. On other occasions I went around Chicago and shot the Lensball in front of sculptures or downtown architecture. And other times I just found something random to use, like the hydroponic basil jungle that is my roommate’s Aerogarden.

When this is all over and we can travel safely again, I imagine Kit will be ready for the city lights of Vegas.